Technical Difficulties

Yesterday were all ready to spend the day at Cedar Point Amusement Park to ride the biggest and baddest roller coasters in the US. Unfortunately, things got derailed when our morning showers were a total fail.

We couldn’t keep the water pump in the coach running for more than a few seconds before it turned off. We pulled out the manual and called the service center at the dealership to get advice. After trying a couple things they suggested, we realized this was a serious issue that can’t wait. Since we were already hours away from the dealer of origin we reached out to the Winnebago service network and found the closest location. This was mid-morning and they could take us at 2pm. The rest of the day was a long lunch near the service center, waiting on the repair, and shopping at the next-door drug store (everything is so damn cheap out here in middle America!).

We finally got back on the road at 5pm. The problem was a bad fuse in our main control center. It’s good we came to the service center because when the technician tried the control panel, that’s when it did a total fail – this panel controls our water pump, water heater, fluid level indicators … lots of stuff.

We salvaged the day by heading to Seneca Caverns in Bellevue, Ohio. These caverns were discovered in 1872 and are billed with the adorable slogan; “The Caviest Cave in the USA.” We had a private tour of this National Landmark given by a local boy who had only been working there a week but already had his tour routine down pretty well. He frequently asked; “Does anybody know what this is?” (using some geological term or pointing to a rock type). When there are just two of us in the cave with him, we often just shook our heads so he could continue with his script. I would not put this on the “must see” list due to price ($12 per person) and what you actually see. But it was fun and worth it for us to get a little adventure into the day.

Seneca Caverns

Seneca Caverns “The Caviest Cave in the USA”

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4 Responses to Technical Difficulties

  1. Stephanie Steigerwaldt says:

    Technical issues be gone! May the rest of the journey be smooth like buttah!

  2. I would still try and go to the amusement park.

  3. Ryan Sturt says:

    Cedar Point is worth it for sure.

  4. Ryan Sturt says:

    Also, I had NO IDEA these caves were in Ohio. Having spent 22 years of my life in that state, and having been to Bellevue more than once, you’d think somebody would have mentioned this.

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