We started yesterday with plans to drive to Par-King Miniature Golf near Chicago, Illinois. The traffic was heavy and slow through Chicago and just after passing downtown on I-94 we got rear-ended by a small truck. We got clearance to drive our damaged vehicle from the highway patrol and limped back to Wisconsin where we are staying with family.

Now we work on getting the RV repaired so we can continue our journey. Please understand if our posts are less frequent ’til then. Wish us luck.

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5 Responses to Crushed

  1. Lou says:

    Not even a picture of the damage? Or the highway patrol? How do I know this really happened…

  2. Stephanie Steigerwaldt says:

    I’m crushed for you! But knowing you guys, I’m confident you will shake the rocky start and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. I hope it doesn’t take too much time to get yourselves and the RV fixed up. Is there anything I can do for you from Madison? XOXOX

  3. joan melchior tonn says:

    Yikes! May the fun begin soon

  4. Jackie says:

    bummed that your trip is on hold, but crossing my fingers that you’ll be back on the road soon.

  5. Avoid I 94 at all costs through Chicago. I’ve tried to figure out every round about way through that nutso interchange of a thousand toll booths.
    Last time I drove through it I actually got out of my new precious truck and took a walk in a very strange downtown neighborhood just to catch a breath. That drive is hectic.

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