The Long Goodbye

As our time remaining in NYC shortens, everything becomes a little more desperate. I want to try every good food spot I’ve heard about and I also want to revisit every favorite location one more time. Last weekend we snacked our way through the east village stopping at Crif Dogs and Dumpling Man, then shopped Exit 9 and other shops until the rain pushed us home. Everywhere I go in the city I have some memory of a previous visit. I see a place and think; “I’ve got to get one more bowl of chili from Daisy May’s” … “one more Stilton cheese topped pork pie from Myers of Keswick” … “one more everything bagel from Ess-a-Bagel“, “one more of those amazing lemon bars from Citarella” — over the past 17 years I’ve found scrumptious food in every neighborhood. I’m eating my way through the city one last time and I can’t stop! I just have to have one more order of Malaysian Curried Noodles from Kelley and Ping. OMG, so good!!!

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  1. Kate says:

    ‎*Now* I discover the best sandwich in the city!?! Defonte’s pork hero, on 3rd Ave @ 21st. Seriously.

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