Likelihood meter

A while back I introduced the “likelihood meter” to gauge the likelihood of if we would ever actually be able to break free of the city and really travel around America. The first reading was at 30%. That was mostly due to the fact that I couldn’t imagine parting with my beloved apartment. I’ve loved it dearly for almost seven years, but I recognize that we need more space and know something has to change.

After asking our neighbors if they ever planned on selling (so we could expand our apartment) and learning that they are staying put for the foreseeable future, we put the apartment on the market. The plan is to sell this place, travel for a while, and then get our next bigger home when we pick a location.

The likelihood meter had a big jump this week when we went into contract. Now, with the apartment selling, we just have to sort out about a million more details and we should be good to go on our mega-road-trip-adventure in June.


Likelihood Meter is at 76%

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