Top Five Places

I’ve done more traveling than the average American, I realize that. However, I still don’t feel very “well-traveled.” Abroad, I’ve been to a dozen countries; in America, I’ve been in over two-thirds of our states. These trips have often been for business, short visits for a particular event, or just traveling through a state in one of my previous road trips. I haven’t spent much time trying to see America and I’ve spent even less time camping.

If I had to list my top five places in the world, I’d go with: NYC, Paris, San Francisco, Austin, Las Vegas. I love these cities, but not one thing on my list is a destination (i.e. Yellowstone National Park). I’m curious if that will change, given the opportunity. I’ve never stood overlooking the Grand Canyon at sunrise — will it settle me more than an afternoon café au lait in Paris?

I’m pretty sure I’m a city girl who needs a mid-life break from vertical living in a tiny NYC apartment. I may find more and I’m open to it.

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