First test drive

This morning we headed across the river to Jersey City and rented a car. After a few wrong turns in the rain and fog we were on our way to a dealership to see RVs. I had called a few days earlier and told the salesman what we were interested in so he had an Itasca Reyo 25T prepped and ready for us. We checked it inside and out, took some measurements and photos and asked a lot of questions. I think I found some good locations to mount a safe and our computer. We did not test drive it because the weather was lousy. We went inside and the salesman and his boss did a sales jam on us. We explained we were not ready to make any decisions today; this was an exploration trip. Before we left, we spoke briefly to the Airstream salesman about the Interstate and it was clear to him and us that it would no be the right vehicle for us. We thanked them for their time and headed out.

We still had most of the day left on our rental car so we decided to drive around a bit and see a some of the area. After a half-hour or so we drove past a Camping World and decided to stop in. When we pulled up we saw that they had a Via 25T and asked to see it. They told us that one was sold but they had a 25R they could show us. The 25R is not the exact layout we want but the salesman was really friendly asked if we wanted to drive it. Initially I said no because it was really crappy outside and I thought it might not be safe for my first drive of the big RV to be in fog. The salesman assured me that it was easier to drive than I thought and talked me into the test drive. I’m very happy he did because it went very well. The Via drives great! It’s just like a huge sedan and even has pretty good pickup. Of course, this one was completely unloaded. I’m sure it will feel more like a ship with full tanks and gear. We asked for price and timing and got very similar numbers as the Itasca dealership with no pressure. We took brochures and business card and thanked them for their time. After browsing the RV supplies in their store we jumped back in our car, pointed our TomTom GPS to the rental return spot and hit the road.

All in all, it was a really good day and we learned a lot about pricing, options and custom order timing. It looks like when we’re ready to pull the trigger it will take a bit more that two months to get the RV. Now we continue our research, prep and planning.

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