Jersey bound

This Saturday we’re renting a car and driving down to central Jersey to a RV dealer. They’re going to show us the Itasca Reyo 25T and the Airstream Interstate 3500. Hopefully they’ll let us test drive them both. I’ll be bringing a tape measure and a flashlight to check everything. I want to know if there is a place I can mount a small hotel-style safe for valuables and what-not. I also want to get a feel for how much clothing we can pack and if there’s a place I can safely mount the Mac Mini and external hard drive.

Once we get a real feel for the size of these things, we’ll have a better idea if we’ll need a dingy vehicle like a flat-towed Smart Car. Several of the blogs we’ve read say that a dingy vehicle is one of the best choices they made. It seems like a lot of trouble to tow a car behind us though.

Rule #1 of this trip to the dealer? We will not make any decisions at the dealership! This is an exploratory mission only.

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