Un-wired nerds?

We’re both in the tech field and a great deal of our time is spent online or supported by online services. Heading out onto our nations roadways and parks means sporadic access to our beloved Internet. How will we deal with this?

We both have iPhones and, I imagine, these will be our conduits to the information super-highway. However, we will have a Mac mini and a MacBook with us that will both crave connectivity. The first option that comes to mind is tethering one of the phones to provide the IP goodness. The other option would be to subscribe to a mobile hotspot style widget. Both of these options mean another data plan. Unless we jailbreak a phone and go all rogue on AT&T.

Speaking of AT&T, maybe we should swap out one of the phones for the forthcoming Verizon iPhone to spread out the risk of network availability. What do you think?

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2 Responses to Un-wired nerds?

  1. Randy Spencer says:

    Would be curious if you figured this out? We did the bit about having one phone on each service after traveling places where we couldn’t get service. We find that AT&T has the better service if there is service, Verizon has service, but you will ALWAYS prefer using AT&T if you can. I do keep the AT&T unlimited phone jailbroken but rarely use it. We use WiFi finder apps or more often these days there just is WiFi where you stop. I have found it at rest areas even. So much so that I am thinking about a directional WiFi antenna and a repeater solution for the RV, but hope to piggyback on someone else’s solution and not have to engineer it all myself.

  2. Finn says:

    For last year’s journey we jailbroke my iPhone and tethered it when we were unable to get on WiFi. This worked well until I hit AT&T’s punitive data cap where they throttled my bandwidth. This made it unusable. For this year’s trip I have switched from their “unlimited” to the 5GB hot-spot plan. This works easily and will provide more than enough data when we’re off WiFi.

    Now, about WiFi. I have purchased an antenna to connect to the Mac Mini that can pull in weaker signals. I will then just use the Mac OS internet sharing to push that signal out to our devices. I’ve tested this and it works well. Also, as last year, we will use AceVPN to encrypt the traffic when we use public WiFi. The tools available to eavesdrop on WiFi connections have become simple and readily available so securing your connection is mandatory.

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