Introducing the “Likelihood Meter”

Before we go too much further with this, I want to establish that the percentage of likelihood for this whole endeavor is still low. So many things will have to line up in order for us to really leave our lives in NYC and hit the road. I’d say right now it’s about a 30% possibility. This is why we’re not talking about our plans with too many people. We don’t want to tell everyone we’re doing this, not do it, and then hear; “Weren’t you two going to go on a big trip to see America? What happened with that?” It would bum us out.

So, if you are reading this months later and we actually are out there “seeing America”, and you’re thinking; “You knew way back then!?” — we actually didn’t know. We just had an idea and started to take the steps forward one at a time. This could all fizzle and we end up doing something completely different. Only time will tell.

Likelihood Meter is at 30%

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